“It doesn’t look very graceful, it’s not choreographed, and ultimately it looks a bit silly but I can’t help it! When I don’t do it, I feel like I’m restricting myself so it’s kind of drunkenness that comes over that you need to just run with […] ‘cause in the moment it feels like: It’s amazing! Everyone must be enjoying this crazy flapping dance!” 

- Chris Martin’s Signature Dance Moves Part 3 (A Sky Full of Stars)

Anonymous asked:

What bugs me the most in this fandom, is how rude people are. So it's totally fine for Chris to hang out with someone like Jennifer Lawrence, who's ignorant, rude and fake as fuck, but as soon as he's giving a shout out to Harry Styles he's suddenly starting with his "Harry shit" again? How is that even possible?

Well idk about this. There’s many kind of people and right now you are generalising the whole CP-fandom. And btw, you are rude by saying that Jennifer Lawrence is a fake, you don’t even know her. Personally I don’t have anything against Jennifer Lawrence or Harry Styles.